This Website

When I was seven, I was determined to have a website. I had notepad, a rudimentary knowledge of html, and sheer stubbornness on my side. There was nothing that could stop my tiny self, I was certain.

There were two major flaws with this plan:
1) I had no idea what hosting was, despite a book and multiple websites to explain, and
2) My parents were sure I'd be murdered if I ever talked to anyone on the internet. At all. Ever.

I built an awful little website in a series of text files anyway, not quite understanding that no one else could see it, and was frustrated by my inability to communicate. There were at least a hundred other kids (a very big number when you're seven) out there just like me who had awful websites about Pokemon and other things kids cared about. Why couldn't I?

Now it's 2015. I'm much older. Personal websites have been supplanted by social networks, blogs, wikis, and gallery sites. The ones you find today (that have actually been updated since 2004) are usually just resum├ęs or portfolios. What does one do with a personal website in 2015? That question always stopped me from building one, even as my growing internet savvy brought it within the realm of real possibility.

I still don't know, but I finally get to honor that kid with notepad, bad ideas, and big dreams. I feel like I've reclaimed some part of my 90's child heritage that my family denied me.

Seven-year-old me would be disappointed by the lack of gifs, music, and Pokemon, but I like to think she'd be proud.