24 Hour RPG Idea Generator

For when it's 2 AM and you definitely need a new project!

This generator is based on an image with hundreds of RPG prompt items on it that I transcribed. I'm sure I edited the lists to remove ones I didn't like and add ones I did, but it's been a number of years now so I definitely forget which. I do not necessarily endorse the contents of the generator or remember everything that's in it.


  1. Get an idea. Hard Mode: Don't reroll.
  2. Write a playable RPG based on that idea in 24 hours.
  3. Everything you make must be your own work. No cribbing from d20, no copying the setting of the last movie you watched.
  4. Shoot to have 24 pages.
  5. Share with people when you're done.
  6. (Optional) Get feedback, playtest it, and refine it into something awesome.

If you want something close to official procedure, go here.